The sex industry in Tokyo


Prostitution in Japan has existed throughout the country’s history.

While the Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956 states that “No person may either do prostitution or become the customer of it”, various loopholes, liberal interpretations of the law and loose enforcement have allowed the sex industry to prosper and earn an estimated 2.5 trillion yen a year.

The sex industry in Japan uses a variety of names.

Soaplands are bath houses where customers are soaped up and serviced by staff.  Soapland refers to the typical service which the women provide of washing and covering guys on an air mattress with suds, before going all the way. Customers usually have to pay an entrance fee at the front desk and a service fee, which is given straight to the girl.


Fashion health shops and pink salons are notionally massage or esthetic treatment parlors and image clubs are themed versions of the same (see Cosplay).

Call girls operate via delivery health services. Freelancers can get in contact with potential customers via telekura (telephone clubs), and the actual act of prostitution is legally called enjo kōsai or “compensated dating” to avoid legal trouble.

Kabukicho, an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo, measures only 0.34 km2 and has approximately 3,500 sex parlors, strip theaters, peep shows, soaplands, lovers’ banks, porno shops, sex telephone clubs, karaoke bars and clubs.


Club Boo is one of the few agencies servicing foreigners in Tokyo that only employs Japanese ladies, who are all aged between 19 to 25.

Unlike some other places, the pictures on the web, are all pictures of the actual staff and you can choose a lady you would like to spend an evening with from the “Schedule Page”.

Club Boo’s promise is to provide beautiful women with a very high level of service. In their club they say they even have a famous young lady who is the number one girl from a Tokyo Pink Salon (BJ club).


There is also a  “Boo Mama” to call if you need to have any kind of information.

Club Boo



Phone: 03-3584-7835

Hours: 5:00 PM – 0:00 AM

Rates: 40 min 20,000 yen, 70 min 30,000 yen. Costume play 3,000 yen extra. Costumes include: High School Uniform, Nurse, Police and Race Queen.

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