Have Fun at Tokyo's Robot Restaurant


In the summer of 2012, a camouflaged Hummer wandered the streets of Tokyo with an unusual cargo : a pair of giant robotic female with arms raised as if to say ‘Irasshaimase‘.

It was a particular advertisement, for an even more particular place : the Robot Restaurant, opened in Kabukicho area of Shinjuku.

With a name like that, you’re probably thinking of a futuristic restaurant where they serve you the food of the cyborg, but that’s not the case .


The robots are actually huge battle machines, made ​​by girls in bikini, who “fight” each evening for the benefit of a paying audience.

It could be called ‘theatrical restaurant’, but this is far from the glitz of Las Vegas or the erotic cabaret Crazy Horse in Paris.

Robot Restaurant does not aspire to any kind of western sensuality and the result is, not even to say, unlike anything you will ever see or have seen before.

An example of these shows is the ‘Sekushi Kotekitai‘, performed by a band of women whose outfits leave little to the imagination.

It’s based on the video of Alex Gaudino ‘ Destination Calabria’, but the differences are many.

The original version sees the choreography of a troupe of beautiful models in Europe, as sexy as provocative.

The girls of the local Robot Restaurant, on the other hand, are more like girls next door, rather than unreachable sexy bombs.

If this was the era of the economic bubble of the 80s, probably they would have done things differently. There were VIP seats, champagne in abundance, and foreign choreographers and dancers in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the Crazy Horse .

But we are in a different period , so forget things like a VIP : here the customers sit on stools crammed close together.

But in addition to the show, since the name of the local is “Restaurant”, there is some food available!

And how is it?

Well, the meals offered in bento boxes are indistinguishable from those cheap ones that you can find in different store.

So if you are looking for a place to eat well , this is not the right place, because you can also find places to eat and drink a lot better and a lot less than Robot -Restaurant.

The cost to enter here is about 4,000 yen, but you are actually paying just the show and not the food or the drinks.

If you’re still curious to visit it, here below you find indication how to find it.


Restaurant Robot
Robot B2F Shinjuku Bldg, 1-7-1 Kabukicho , Shinjuku -ku , Tokyo

Website : Robot-restaurant.com

Image credit at http://www.tokyoweekender.com/2013/07/robot-restaurant/

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