From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto

With a staggering 1,600 Buddhist temples, 400 Shinto shrines, and a myriad of traditional gardens, Kyoto stands as a cultural treasure trove waiting to be explored.

The ‘From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto’ offers a unique opportunity to explore this ancient city’s wonders at your own pace. Whether you’re drawn to the historic Fushimi Inari Taisha or the charming Gion district, this tour provides an exclusive glimpse into Kyoto’s rich heritage.

But what truly sets this experience apart?

Good To Know

From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto - Good To Know

  • Tailored 10-hour private tour from Osaka to Kyoto
  • Customizable itinerary with renowned sightseeing spots
  • Professional driver and comfortable private car included
  • Option for an English-speaking guide for local insights

Tour Details

From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto - Tour Details

The tour details for the Private Custom Tour to Kyoto include the duration of 10 hours, starting from SEK 6,743 per group of up to 3 people, and offering languages in Chinese, English, and Japanese. Travelers can enjoy customization options and sightseeing flexibility during their visit to Kyoto.

With the freedom to tailor their itinerary, visitors can explore Kyoto’s attractions at their own pace. The tour provides a comfortable private car with a professional driver, enabling guests to avoid transportation, navigation, and language barriers. Pickup and drop-off locations are flexible, ensuring convenience for your.

Plus, an English-speaking guide is available for those seeking local insights. This tour package offers a seamless and personalized experience for travelers looking to explore Kyoto in depth.


From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto - Highlights

Exploring the ‘Highlights’ of the Private Custom Tour to Kyoto offers visitors a chance to enjoy the beauty and culture of this historic city at their own pace. The tour provides access to renowned sightseeing spots like Kinkaku-ji, Kiyomizu-dera, and Yasaka Shrine, allowing travelers to discover the rich history and architectural marvels of Kyoto.

Plus, guests can savor the local cuisine, experiencing the flavors of traditional dishes and specialties unique to the region. This personalized tour eliminates the hassle of transportation, navigation, and language barriers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable exploration of Kyoto’s most iconic attractions.

With the flexibility to customize the itinerary and the option of an English-speaking guide for local insights, visitors can make the most of their 10-hour excursion in Kyoto.


From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto - Experience

Visitors can fully enjoy the private custom tour to Kyoto by exploring iconic landmarks and engaging with local culture throughout the 10-hour excursion.

They’ve the freedom to customize their itinerary, choosing to visit attractions like Kinkaku-ji, Kiyomizu-dera, and Yasaka Shrine.

With the option of an English-speaking tour guide, travelers can gain local insights into the historical and cultural significance of each site.

The tour also allows for a leisurely stroll through Hanami-koji and Sannenzaka, providing a deeper connection to Kyoto’s charm.

This personalized experience not only offers a comfortable private car with a professional driver but also ensures a memorable journey filled with unique experiences tailored to individual preferences.


Enjoy a meticulously planned day exploring Kyoto’s iconic sites during this private custom tour. The itinerary includes visits to Kinkaku-ji, Kiyomizu-dera, Yasaka Shrine, Hanami-koji, and Sannenzaka, offering a mix of historical and cultural experiences.

The tour allows for customization options, enabling you to tailor the day to your preferences. You can also seek sightseeing recommendations from the driver or opt for an English-speaking guide for local insights.

The day starts with a pickup in Osaka at 8:00 AM and concludes with a return to Osaka by 6:30 PM. Please note that the itinerary may be subject to changes based on traffic conditions and other factors, ensuring a flexible and enjoyable experience.

Customer Reviews

From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto - Customer Reviews

With an overall rating of 5/5 based on a single review, customers have praised the driver for their exceptional friendliness and knowledge, delivering a superb tour experience. The driver’s service quality and local knowledge enhanced the tour, providing a memorable exploration of Kyoto’s attractions. Customers highlighted the driver’s professionalism and their ability to navigate the streets with ease. Plus, the driver’s friendly demeanor created a welcoming atmosphere throughout the tour. While the review did not specifically mention local cuisine, the driver’s familiarity with the area suggests they could offer insights into where to find delicious traditional dishes. The positive feedback emphasizes the driver’s role in ensuring a fantastic private custom tour experience.

Service Quality Local Cuisine Knowledgeable Driver
Excellent Not mentioned Outstanding

Pricing Information

From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto - Pricing Information

Moving from the exceptional service quality highlighted in the customer reviews, the pricing details for the private custom tour to Kyoto are essential for prospective travelers to consider. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing information:

  1. Cost breakdown:

    • Tour price: From SEK 6,743 per group up to 3
    • Includes: Hotel pickup, air-conditioned vehicle, professional driver, English-speaking guide (optional), all fees and taxes, admission ticket
  2. Price comparison:

    • Comparable tours in the area range from SEK 6,000 to SEK 8,000 for similar durations and inclusions.
  3. Savings opportunity:

    • Booking in advance might offer discounts or promotions, potentially reducing the overall cost for the tour.

These details can help travelers gauge the value and affordability of this private custom tour to Kyoto.

Language Options

Travelers can select from Chinese, English, or Japanese as their preferred language for the private custom tour to Kyoto. This choice helps overcome potential language barriers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Opting for a language familiar to the participants enhances culture during the tour.

By offering these language options, the tour aims to cater to a diverse range of visitors, making it easier for them to communicate with the guide and driver effectively. Selecting a language that the travelers are comfortable with can greatly enhance their understanding of the local culture and history, enriching their overall experience in Kyoto.

The availability of different language choices adds a personalized touch to the tour, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Booking Process

From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto - Booking Process

To proceed with booking the private custom tour to Kyoto, visitors can easily reserve their spot by following a few simple steps on the tour company’s website.

  1. Booking Confirmation Process: After selecting the desired tour date and providing necessary details, customers will receive a booking confirmation via email.

  2. Payment Options: The website offers secure payment methods, including credit card and online transfer, to complete the reservation.

  3. Tour Guide Availability: Visitors can choose to have an English-speaking guide accompany them during the tour for local insights and recommendations on the best spots to explore.

For those interested in experiencing Kyoto’s local cuisine, the tour guide can provide excellent recommendations for authentic dining experiences throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto - Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Restroom Available in the Vehicle During the Tour?

Restroom access during the tour provides added comfort for guests. The private vehicle offers this convenience, enhancing the overall experience. Travelers can enjoy the sights of Kyoto without worrying about restroom stops, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Can I Request Specific Stops or Detours During the Tour?

Yes, guests can request specific stops or detours during the tour, allowing for a customized itinerary and unexpected adventures. This personalized experience offers the flexibility to explore off the beaten path locations with the convenience of a private car.

Are Meals and Snacks Included in the Tour Price?

Meals and snacks are not included in the tour price. Travelers can request stops for food options to experience local cuisine. It is recommended to inform about any dietary restrictions to enjoy a cultural culinary experience.

What Happens in Case of Bad Weather During the Tour?

In case of bad weather during the tour, indoor activities may be considered, and rescheduling is an option. Rainy day alternatives and safety precautions are available to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience despite the weather conditions.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Participants on the Tour?

Age restrictions apply to participants. Parental consent may be needed for minors. Specific age requirements vary, so verifying with the tour provider is advised. Ensuring compliance with these guidelines enhances safety and smooth tour participation.

The Sum Up

Experience the cultural wonders of Kyoto with the ‘From Osaka: 10-hour Private Custom Tour to Kyoto.’ Explore iconic landmarks at your own pace, with the convenience of a professional driver and optional English-speaking guide.

Tailor your itinerary to suit your preferences and enjoy a hassle-free excursion with flexible pickup and drop-off locations.

Book now for a personalized and unforgettable adventure in the historic city of Kyoto.

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