Mount Fuji – Hakone & Onsen Full Day Private Tour

Set out on a journey that peels back the layers of Japan’s natural and cultural tapestry with the ‘Mount Fuji – Hakone & Onsen Full Day Private Tour.’

As the tour winds through the majestic landscapes of Mount Fuji and Hakone, visitors are treated to a curated exploration of iconic sights and hidden gems.

From the tranquil Lake Ashinoko to the therapeutic hot springs, each destination holds a promise of discovery and delight.

Stay tuned to uncover the intricacies of this exclusive tour and the unparalleled experiences it offers.

Good To Know

Mount Fuji - Hakone & Onsen Full Day Private Tour - Good To Know

  • Explore Hakone Shrine and Lake Ashinoko for culture.
  • Experience the breathtaking views of Mount Fuji and Owakudani Valley.
  • Enjoy a relaxing hot spring experience in Hakone.
  • Customize your tour for a personalized and unforgettable journey.

Tour Details

Mount Fuji - Hakone & Onsen Full Day Private Tour - Tour Details

In this private tour, travelers can expect a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • A luxury car
  • An English-speaking driver
  • Toll and fuel costs
  • Passenger insurance
  • Parking fees
  • Entrance fees
  • Food and drinks
  • Hot springs charges

Customizable options allow visitors to tailor their itinerary, ensuring a personalized experience. This tour not only provides a chance to explore remarkable sights but also offers cultural experiences that showcase the essence of Hakone.

From visiting the historic Hakone Shrine to immersing in the beauty of Lake Ashinoko, travelers can engage with the rich heritage of the region. Plus, the tour includes opportunities to enjoy local cuisine, interact with traditional practices, and appreciate the serene ambiance of hot springs, enhancing the overall culture.


Mount Fuji - Hakone & Onsen Full Day Private Tour - Activities

Visitors can choose various activities to enjoy during the Mount Fuji – Hakone & Onsen Private Tour, including visits to Lake Ashinoko, Hakone Shrine, and the Hakone Open-Air Museum. They can soak in the scenic views of Lake Ashinoko while taking a relaxing cruise or explore the rich cultural experiences at Hakone Shrine.

The tour also offers the opportunity to immerse in modern art at the Hakone Open-Air Museum, where visitors can appreciate a collection of sculptures set against the backdrop of nature. Optional activities like the Hakone Ropeway and Owakudani Valley provide additional opportunities to witness breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.


Guests on the Mount Fuji – Hakone & Onsen Private Tour will embark on a full-day journey starting with a pickup from their Tokyo hotel within the Tokyo 23 Wards. The itinerary includes visits to Hakone Shrine, Lake Ashinoko, Hakone Ropeway, Owakudani Valley, and the Hakone Open-Air Museum.

Along the way, guests can enjoy the customizable options available for their tour, allowing them to tailor the experience to their preferences. The sightseeing spots are carefully selected to showcase the beauty and cultural significance of the Hakone region.

From breathtaking views of Mount Fuji to the serene waters of Lake Ashinoko, guests will have the opportunity to explore some of the most iconic landmarks in the area.


Embarking on the Mount Fuji – Hakone & Onsen Private Tour provides an opportunity to discover the captivating highlights of the Hakone region, including scenic wonders and cultural gems.

The tour offers breathtaking scenic views during the Lake Ashi cruise and visit to Hakone Shrine, where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature.

Plus, ĹŚwakudani volcanic valley provides a unique experience with the chance to try the famous Black eggs.

One of the key highlights is the relaxing hot springs experience, allowing guests to unwind and rejuvenate in traditional Onsen baths.

On top of that, the tour includes a visit to the Hakone Open-Air Museum, showcasing modern sculptures in a picturesque setting.

These highlights combine to create a memorable and enriching exploration of Hakone’s beauty and tranquility.

Important Information

During the private Mount Fuji – Hakone & Onsen Tour, it’s important to note specific details for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

  • Accessibility requirements: The tour isn’t suitable for wheelchair users due to the nature of some locations visited.

  • Child safety: A child seat is required for children under 6 years old to ensure their safety during the tour.

  • Overall rating: The tour has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 reviews, indicating a positive and satisfactory experience for past participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mount Fuji - Hakone & Onsen Full Day Private Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Vegetarian or Vegan Meal Options Included in the Tour Package?

Vegetarian options and vegan alternatives are available. The tour includes meals and drinks, which cater to dietary preferences. Guests can enjoy a variety of food choices that align with their vegetarian or vegan requirements throughout the day.

Can the Tour Accommodate Large Groups or Corporate Outings?

The tour can easily accommodate large groups and corporate outings, offering team-building activities, customizable itineraries, and special requests. With a range of included services and options, it ensures a tailored and enjoyable experience for all.

Is There a Specific Dress Code or Attire Recommended for Visiting the Hot Springs (Onsen)?

When visiting hot springs (onsen), it’s essential to respect cultural customs and bathing etiquette. Most onsen require guests to bathe completely nude before entering the communal pools. Bringing a small towel for modesty is common practice.

Are There Any Opportunities for Shopping or Souvenir Purchases During the Tour?

Opportunities for shopping and souvenir purchases are available during the tour. Visitors can explore local crafts and enjoy traditional snacks. The experience offers a chance to bring back unique mementos and taste authentic treats.

Is There Wi-Fi Available in the Luxury Car Provided for the Tour?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi available in the luxury car provided for the tour, ensuring guests can stay connected during the journey. The car offers comfort and connectivity, enhancing the overall experience of the private tour.

The Sum Up

Mount Fuji - Hakone & Onsen Full Day Private Tour - The Sum Up

Experience the wonders of Mount Fuji and Hakone on the exclusive ‘Mount Fuji – Hakone & Onsen Full Day Private Tour.’

With a customizable itinerary, luxury amenities, and an English-speaking guide, this tour offers a seamless and enriching exploration of Japan’s natural and cultural treasures.

Indulge in the therapeutic hot springs, marvel at the stunning views of Mount Fuji, and learn about the rich heritage of Japan.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional experience rated 4.3/5.

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