From Tokyo: Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van

Within the bustling streets of Tokyo lies a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Step into the world of Kamakura with a Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van.

Uncover the secrets of this ancient city, where each corner holds a story from the past. Discover how this tour can transform your journey into an unforgettable experience, offering a blend of history, culture, and luxury at every turn.

Good To Know

  • Tailored 9-hour exploration for up to 5 individuals.
  • Customizable itinerary featuring local cuisine tasting.
  • Visit iconic landmarks like The Great Buddha and Hachiman shrine.
  • Includes luxury van, driver, and knowledgeable guide for a personalized experience.

Tour Details

Offering a comprehensive package, the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van provides a 9-hour exploration experience for groups of up to 5 individuals with various inclusions and highlights.

Customization options allow guests to tailor their itinerary, ensuring a personalized experience. One of the tour’s highlights is the opportunity for local cuisine tasting, where guests can savor authentic flavors of Kamakura.

From visiting the Hachiman shrine to exploring The Great Buddha of Kamakura, guests can enjoy the rich history of the area. With the convenience of a luxury van, driver, and knowledgeable tour guide included, participants can enjoy a hassle-free journey through Kamakura’s cultural and scenic wonders.

Booking Information

Guests can secure their spot on the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van by reserving now and paying later. The tour offers free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund, providing flexibility for travelers. Payment options include reserving without immediate payment, allowing guests to confirm their booking without financial commitment upfront. In case of any unforeseen changes in plans, guests can cancel without penalty within the specified timeframe. This policy ensures peace of mind for those planning to embark on the tour. Below is a table summarizing the payment options and cancellation policy for the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van:

Payment Options Cancellation Policy
Reserve now & pay later Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund

Tour Description

The tour itinerary can be tailored to your preferences, allowing you to explore key landmarks in Kamakura.

  • Customize itinerary to suit your interests

  • Visit historical sites like Kotoku-in temple and Hachiman shrine

  • Immerse in the rich history of Kamakura

  • Shop along the vibrant KOMACHI street

  • Explore shrines dedicated to Benten on Enoshima island

Customer Reviews

Twelve reviews have contributed to an impressive overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 for the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van. Customers expressed high satisfaction with the transportation provided, rating it 5 out of 5.

They also found the tour to be excellent value for money, giving it another perfect 5 out of 5. Reviewers particularly enjoyed the tour highlights such as the Hachiman shrine, The Great Buddha of Kamakura, and the Enoshima and Kamakura beaches.

The ability to customize the itinerary was a standout feature, allowing visitors to tailor the experience to their preferences. Plus, guests appreciated the opportunities to savor local cuisine during the tour, enhancing their overall experience.

Additional Information

For a seamless experience, confirmation of pick-up details in advance is required for the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van.

Travelers can expect the following additional information:

  • Private accommodations available for a personalized experience
  • Local cuisine options for a taste of authentic Kamakura flavors
  • Drivers will wait no longer than 15 minutes for pick-up
  • Select participants and date for a tailored tour
  • Available for couples, groups of friends, solo travelers, and families

Ensure your pick-up details are confirmed, and get ready to enjoy a private tour with customized experiences and a chance to savor the delicious local cuisine of Kamakura.


Navigating to the starting point of the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van is straightforward from most major hotels and transportation hubs. Visitors can easily reach the meeting point by taxi, train, or bus.

Once the tour begins, the luxury van will take guests to various iconic sites like the Hachiman shrine and The Great Buddha of Kamakura. Along With these popular attractions, the tour allows for customization, giving participants the opportunity to visit hidden gems off the beaten path.

While exploring Kamakura, travelers can also indulge in the local cuisine, savoring traditional dishes that showcase the region’s culinary delights. With the convenience of a luxury van and the flexibility to personalize the itinerary, guests are in for a memorable experience filled with history, culture, and delectable food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Request Specific Stops or Attractions to Be Included in the Customized Tour Itinerary?

Yes, guests can request specific stops or attractions to be included in their customized tour itinerary. This feature offers a personalized experience, allowing visitors to tailor their journey to explore the sights that interest them the most.

Is There a Minimum Number of Participants Required to Book the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van?

There is no minimum group size required to reserve the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van. Enjoy a 9-hour tour with included transportation for up to 5 guests. Secure your spot with a reservation.

Are Meals Included in the Tour Package, or Will We Have the Option to Choose Our Own Dining Preferences?

Meals are included in the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated, providing a variety of culinary experiences and food options for participants to savor.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participants on the Tour, Such as Children or Elderly Guests?

Age restrictions for participants on the tour include no specific limitations, making it suitable for all ages. Group size restrictions allow up to 5 guests per booking. This private tour offers flexibility and caters to couples, friends, solo travelers, and families.

Can I Request a Specific Language-Speaking Tour Guide for the Tour, or Is the Language Selection Predetermined Based on Availability?

Guests can request a specific language-speaking tour guide for the Kamakura Private Customize Tour. Language preference is accommodated based on availability. The tour allows for a customized itinerary with specific stops like Kotoku-in temple and Hachiman shrine.

The Sum Up

Experience the beauty and history of Kamakura in ultimate comfort and luxury with the Kamakura Private Customize Tour by Luxury Van.

With a personalized itinerary, multilingual guides, and iconic sights to explore, this 9-hour tour offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Book now for a hassle-free adventure and discover all that Kamakura has to offer in style.

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