Visit Don Quijote in Tokyo


Don Quijote is a very famous discount chain store that has over 160 locations throughout Japan, as well as four stores in Hawaii.

There are many branches of Don Quijote in the country, but not all are open 24 hours a 24 like the most popular one in Shinjuku.

Don Quijote (also known as Donki) in Shinjuku is a five-level shop where you can find thousands of objects of all kinds:  socks, makeup, toys, vibrators and porn DVD, tracksuits, underwear, watches, and everything else.


Donki stores are like walking through a cluttered warehouse of random products ranging from alcohol and food to home electronics and car supplies.

Merchandise is stacked high, just inches below the ceiling. It is almost as if you are on a treasure hunt in a labyrinth. Most stores are open into the early hours of the morning, usually busy with young customers who seem to have nothing more fun to do.


Whatever you are looking for,  it is suggested not to miss a visit at Don Quijote !

Don Quijote address

1-16-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku


Website :

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