Toto Travel Washlet : a portable personal cleaner tool


This is the last invention from the famous Toto, for travelers who now can not do without their bathrooms with a jet of water to clean after their intimate bisognini.

At the price of 7,980 yen and weighing less than 250g ( that’s almost like the weight of a typical Japanese mobile phone )  the new Toto Travel Washet was recently introduced in the market.


This new device was tested by Fuji TV with some passers-by and tourists near Asakusa.

The majority of users has remained confused and only one in three has figured out how to use it.

Toto Travel Washlet may contain 180 ml of water and its battery provides 23 seconds of flushing.


Together with the Princess Sound, developed last year by the toys company Runa of Osaka, to cover the noise while you are using the toilet, now you can experience the Japanese toilet wherever you go.

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