Top Gift Ideas For College Students In Japan

Japanese have a special philosophy of gifts. Taking presents seriously, they pay attention to how and what you give them and, thus, form their opinions about you. 

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So if you are looking for a gift for your Japanese friend, this article is what you need. Of course, it all depends on the person, yet some things are appreciated by most people from Japan.  

Gifts for Japanese students: Top 6 best ideas

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If you are going to visit Japan, prepare omiyage for your friends, partners, and colleagues living in this country. Omiyage are little souvenirs. When someone goes abroad to travel or for a business trip, he/she can buy something special for close people staying in the motherland.    

Experts from have asked several Japanese students about their dream gifts from abroad. Here are the most popular answers.  

#1 Honey

Sweet gifts raise the mood and give energy to the brain; thus, they are perfect presents for students. Japanese would like to taste something special but not too weird for their culture. For instance, honey is a suitable variant. Take a jar of this product if you come from Greece, Turkey, or the USA.  

#2 A unique eco bag

Ecological trends go global. Meantime, reusable shopping bags are rather expensive in Japan. If you can sew, create an exclusive bag with an inspiring phrase in English. Your friend will be thrilled about this gift.  

#3 A T-shirts (hoodie) by a famous brand

Japanese students like fashionable clothes. So, Levi’s t-shirt or Nike’s hoodie from the USA is a good idea.  

#4 Cosmetics

Young Japanese girls often follow the Byojaku trend. For this type of makeup, they definitely need mascara, rouge, lipstick, etc. L’Oreal, M.A.C., Chanel are considered reliable brands, so you can choose something among their products.  

#5 A customized face mask

It is a popular trend and an essential item for everyone in 2020. Search for masks with funny images or an unusual design. You can also write some special words on it. It is an awesome gift for students living in Japanese urban areas. 

#6 Miniatures

Japanese people like small things. They appreciate freedom and space around them and avoid massive interior decorations. But they will be happy to get a little figure of their favorite hero or a miniature model of the famous automobile.  

Pay attention, that gifts are instruments of social relationships for Japanese. Do not buy anything too expensive. In this case, they will feel obliged to give something back to you. So, it is better to opt for something relatively cheap.  

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