Top 10 Best Japanese Idol Girls – 1 part


The phenomenon of Idol in Japan and Tokyo mainly refers to those young girls who achieve fame in the Entertainment World.

Usually, Idol remains at the top of the only successful for a short period.

This is the first part of a list of the Top 10 Japanese Girl Idol ever.

10. Arisa Oda

Arisa Oda is a Japanese Idol and Bikini model. She was born on October 13th, 1982 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Besides Basketball, she lists Karate as one of her hobbies.

She released several DVDs in Japan and appeared in two Japanese movies, Tokyo Shugo Tenshi (2007) and Maranika – Ochiru Onna (2007). She retired modeling in 2007.


9 . Miri Hanai

She was born October 15, 1984 and lives in Tokyo. She appeared in Bunkasha Publishing’s magazine. In 2004 she made guest appearances on various Japanese variety shows and began to be an established gravure idol.

On June 22, 2005 she made her singing debut when GENEON Entertainment released her single “Premonition” in a CD+DVD bundle. She appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3 in some posters.


8 . Harada Orei

Harada Orei is a Gravure Idol (specializing in modeling photos in bikinis).

She was born on 25/02/1986 in Japan. She is 158 cm high and her dimensions are 97 (breast), 60 (life), 88 (hips). Her blood type is B.


7 . Rio Natsume

Rio Natsume is a Japanese Gravure Idol. She was born February 20, 1985. She has released several DVDs and photobooks and has appeared in several TV shows in Japan.

In 2005, Natsume was featured in a video game called “Gal of the Sparrow 2”, which also features other popular J-idols such as Chikako Sakuragi, Saori Yamamoto, Yuka Watanabe, Akari, Kaede Shimizu, Hitomi Okada and Hatsune Matsushima. This DVD/video game is sold only in Japan.


6 . Isshiki Miyabi

Miyabi Isshiki is a Japanese gravure idol. In her published DVDs her year or birth is listed as 1987, but all other information posted lists 1989.


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