Tokyo Midtown


Tokyo Midtown is the name of the “micro-futuristic city” of Tokyo.

The cost of its construction was 3 billion and opened its doors in 2007. The direct competitor is Roppongi Hills, which otherwise is only 500 meters.

The main building of Midtown is still higher than the Mori Tower, it is actually the tallest building in Tokyo.

Inside the Tokyo Midtown are the offices of Konami and Yahoo Japan to give examples.

There are also apartments, but be aware that if you want to live in Tokyo Midtown will cost you about 5000-8000 $ per month, for accommodation of 100 square meters.


Tokyo Midtown Map

Here is a map with the most interesting places in Tokyo Midtown:


1 – Main Entrance: from this entrance you have the best view of the complex. It gives access to the commercial area that fills the first five floors.

2 – Suntory Museum: museum with temporary exhibitions.

3 – Hinokicho park.

4 – Exit No. 7 of Roppongi station, Oedo Line: the best way to get there.

5 – Design Sight: it is a small building designed by Taku Sato and Issey Miyake.

6 – Exit nr 3 Nogizaka Station, Chiyoda line: it is a bit ‘more of the other output Oedo away, but it is more convenient.

7 – Roppongi Hills.

8 – The National Art Center, one of the best museums in Japan.

9 – Roppongi Crossing: the principal point of reference in the area.

It ‘s interesting to note the fact that the complex has not shopping centers (U.S. and European style), but it has museums, luxury shops, expensive restaurants etc.


Tokyo Midtown

The Tokyo Midtown at its best during the Christmas season, its play of lights are among the best in Tokyo.

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