The reconstruction of Tokyo Station


Inaugurated in 1914, the Tokyo Station was designed by the architect Kingo Tatsuno and at that time there were only two rail lines : today it is a huge center here trains converge and depart to every direction of Japan.

Unfortunately, a big part of the original building was destroyed by bombs during the Second World War and its reconstruction has been less spectacular than the original : the domes were reconstructed with only two floors instead of three and with a simple triangular shape, instead of the more complex dome.


Now Tokyo Station is currently under renovation and the new look will be similar to the original appearance.

The Marunouchi side of the station, the one being renovated, will be restored to its original appearance of the pre-war and the surrounding area will be transformed into a large square, with space for buses and taxis and which will extend over a long walkway to the Imperial Palace nearby.


The conclusion of the work is expected by the end of 2011.

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