The phenomenon of Idol Girls in Tokyo and Japan


The phenomenon of Idol in Japan and Tokyo mainly refers to those young girls who achieve fame in the Entertainment World.

Usually, they are singers, television actresses, models and so on. An Idol which reaches the top in Japan are omnipresent in the media, television, radio and also numerous journals and magazines.


However, this phenomenon, tends to have a relatively short time : this also because the number of Idols that comes out each year is very high.

On the other hand, the market response is huge and reach economic levels comparable to the fashion industry. Obviously, a key requirement for success as an Idol is beauty, but not only this one.

The road to become a real Idol passes through imagine, but provides also a complete path that leads them to be artists. In fact the japanese girls are required to know how to sing, play and have an impeccable diction and posture.


The phenomenon of idol arrived in Japan in the 70′ with Yamaguchi Momoe, then retired in 1980.

The phenomenon came to prominence in the 80′, especially thanks to pop music, now known as J-pop : these years were called “golden age of idols”, considering the large annual number of idols that were born.

With the passage of time, the phenomenon has changed and expanded. They were created special magazines exclusively about Idols, with photos, interviews and more about their life and career.


While the phenomenon of Japanese Idol growing up, even that of the J-pop was the same and differed from that of the Idol.

Now in fact the distinction is very clear : although an Idol can sing and become a J-pop singer, most of the time the Idol does not have voice capabilities to be defined such a real singer.

From the simple phenomenon of Idols, the market has created two more categories, dedicated to an adult audience: the first is the Gravure Idol and the other is the AV Idol.


The Gravure Idol is a kind of model who often pose in bikinis and other provocative costumes for photo shoots. Often known for their large breasts and alluring poses, their name comes from the term “photogravure“, a type of printing process.

The age range of girls up to a maximum of 35 years, and although they do not pose nude, the purpose is to entertain the male audience with visually ambiguous and provocative poses.

For the AV idol, as the name suggests, AV stands for “Adult Video” .

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