The nuclear alert situation in Japan


Let’s be optimistic and take as valid what fully reported by Japanese media, which have updates from TEPCO.

According to latest reports, it seems that all 4 vessels (the steel tanks that contain and enclose the reactor core) are intact, so the containment function of the four reactors was not affected and the primary containers are intact.


Always so on, there’s also good news by the WHO (World Health Organization), in a statement indicating where the only risk of contamination for the Japanese food should be only in the area immediately near the Fukushima nuclear plant damaged.

A very specific territorial risk, said WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl in Geneva.

If there was some contamination in the products would only be within 30 kilometers from the center.


Meanwhile, as expected, there are starting the first criticism related to the numerous problems occurring to the nuclear plant in Fukushima.

In this regard, the Prime Minister Naoto Kan has interrupted a meeting of top executives of the Tokyo Power Company (TEPCO) and, infuriated by the lack of information, asked company executives, “What the hell is going on?”.

This was reported by the agency Kyodo, whose reporters have seen yesterday at the scene.

Meanwhile in the areas of Tokyo are still not detected traces of radioactivity.


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