The Christmas lights of Tokyo


If any of you have already had the luck to spend the holiday season in Tokyo, you should have noticed that is full of Christmas decorations and areas where the lighting for Christmas is a spectacle of color that leaves you speechless.


But since Japan is now facing the worst energy crisis in history, you may think that this year something could have changed.

Fortunately Tokyo still has many of its lights for the winter holidays.

Some lights will be powered by solar energy to reduce energy consumption and some ingenious solutions have been developed: the pink lights (reminiscent of cherry blossoms) will be powered by energy derived from oil oils collected from homes and restaurants.

In general, however, the main drawback is that the number of operating hours will be reduced (many of these will be turned off at around 22:oo ).

Here you can find a nice article of Christmas in Tokyo in Tokyoezine archive.

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