Suica and Pasmo : the rechargeable cards useful to travel within Tokyo and Japan


If you are planning to travel to Tokyo and also around Japan, it is definitely suggested to have Pasmo or Suica to avoid queue making the train ticket each time and losing a lot of time.

To move to Tokyo by train you can do the ticket each time or you can purchase a rechargeable card : you can choose between these two cards.

In Tokyo, their usage are identical and can be used indiscriminately, but if you travel to other cities it is preferable to use the Suica, as it can be also used in Japan Rail trains in Osaka and Hiroshima (and other Japanese cities less touristy).

You can purchase them to the ticket machines, where you can also simply recharge the card, pushing the desired amount and inserting the money.

Suica and Pasmo are NOT discounted tickets of any kind, but simply a convenience.


How to save money at the airport
When you arrive at Narita airport if you decide to go to the city centre by train with Narita Express go to the Japan Rail office and ask to make a Narita Express ticket together with Suica.
It will cost you 3500 yen and they will give you the ticket with included the Suica with 1500Yen already loaded. It ‘s a great savings.

Is it advisable to purchase the Japan Rail Pass for Tokyo? In the days that you will stay in Tokyo and surroundings, the Japan Rail Pass is not suggested because very expensive: if you do, do it from the first day that you will move from Tokyo to quite distant cities as Kyoto or Osaka.

If you go near Tokyo as Nikko or Kamakura is not convenient the Japan Rail Pass.

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