Satisfy Your Gambling Needs when Travelling in Tokyo



Online gambling is available at any time on sites like Alternatively, if you are looking to go on holiday and want to combine your hobby of gambling, there are many places to choose from all over the world.

Las Vegas is an obvious hotspot-it’s casinos and night-life have been featured in many famous Hollywood films and it is a well know
destination for hen and stag parties and people in search of excess.

In Las Vegas you will find people from all walks of life.

If you are looking for something upmarket you might turn your attention to Europe.


Monte Carlo is a well-known playground for the rich and famous and contains some of the most opulent casinos you will find.

They are usually black tie affairs with a very upmarket clientele.

Many people choose to go to the East nowadays too-places like Macau in China.

Macau houses the biggest casino resort in the world and with sister casinos too many of the casinos in Las Vegas, the idea in Macau
is bigger and better and more lavish.

People also head to Japan even though Casinos are illegal here.

Locals and holidaymakers are still able to place bets on four types of sport though, and that includes placing bets online.

Horse racing, bicycle racing, powerboat racing and asphalt speedway motorcycle racing are deemed entertainment more than gambling, and so the government allows
betting on these sports.

Pachinko in Tokyo

Pachinko is Japan’s popular pinball-type past time.


There are Pachinko parlours all over Japan and this is perfectly legal.

Your ‘prize money’ is in fact balls which can be swapped with physical prizes which are usually slits of gold in plastic casings.

People can then sell their gold at shops, which are usually owned by the parlour.

This seems to be a way of getting around the legalities and it is permitted by the government as long as money is not exchanged inside the parlours.

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