Open thousandth Starbucks in Meguro


The chain Starbucks should have its branches in about sixty countries and regions of the world, but Japan is the first country to reach a height of 1,000 branches.

Although Japan was initially seen as a luxury and elegant coffee shop, now the chain is in the process of challenging the chain Doutor, which has about 1,100 stores.

The thing, however, encompasses aspects almost ridiculous, if we were not in a metropolis like Tokyo, where there are nearly half a dozen Starbucks a few minutes walk of each other in the Omotesando, Minami-Aoyama and Kotto-dori .


The first Japanese Starbucks branch opened 17 years ago and the chain is present in almost every district of the country.

Starbucks also like to its premises located and designed ad hoc, like the one in Ueno Park, the wood Kengo Kuma Fukuoka, or the popular shop in Sanjo, Kyoto, with a terrace overlooking the Kamogawa River.

The headquarters of Starbucks in Japan has recently moved in Meguro, last March, and has also opened a new “concept store”, on the ground floor, to celebrate.

Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture and gardens, the elements of the store recall a more traditional tearoom chashitsu, rather than a local American style.

Wood walls, Japanese plants and paintings have their typical oriental touch. There are also some sliding doors, with traditional shoji, and other architectural elements that recall the Japanese design.

The restaurant was actually open on May 11, and is located just minutes from Meguro station.

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