One month after the earthquake, Japan stop and remember


Japan has stopped at 14:46 local time today, April 11 in memory of earthquake victims, exactly one month after the disaster, which triggered a violent tsunami and a nuclear accident, which have not yet been resolved.

In the sad anniversary, Prime Minister Naoto Kan has sent a letter to the major newspapers of the world to thank for the aid received.

In a desperate moment, people around the world have come close to us, and we have drawn courage and hope,” the premier wrote in the letter titled “Thanks for the Kisuna” (the ties of friendship), published by several newspapers in many countries (including China, South Korea, U.S., France and Russia).

Meanwhile the last budget of the dramatic event speaks of 13,116 dead and 14,377 missing persons, while the people left homeless and are currently accommodated in 2350 shelters are 147thousands.


“The risk that the situation will deteriorate in the Fukushima central and leading to a new radioactive leak is significantly reduced,” said Edan Yuku.

“It ‘s obvious that the system is not in normal operating conditions,” he added, “and we must continue to ask area residents to stay away if the situation deteriorates. But we believe that this risk is become much smaller compared to the situation a week or two after the earthquake. ”

The Japanese government insisted that the evacuation area of ​​20 km around the plant “should be sufficient.”

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