Night bus : the best and cheapest way to travel between Japan

Travel around Japan can be very expensive and for this reason many tourists choose the solution of the Japan Rail pass for unlimited rail travels by paying a fixed cost, but remember: this cost is very high.

The best and cheapest solution is to use the night bus to travel between the various cities in Japan.

All major Japanese cities are connected by a network of buses, both at day and night and not only you can save money, but also a lot of time.

Consider that travel with Shinkansen train is fast, but it still takes several hours to get from one city to another and all this time is wasted.

Here below the advantages of night bus:

– you will save a lot in relation to the cost of the train or the Japan Rail pass: travel by bus can be very convenient. For example from Osaka to Tokyo with the Shinkansen the cost is about 13000Yen, while the same route by bus can cost you only about 5000Yen;

– you will save on the cost of overnight stay: if you sleep at night in the bus you will not need to sleep at the hotel;

– you will save a lot of time: if you take the night bus at the end of the day, in the next morning you will be at your city destination very early. If you take for istance a Shinkansen at 11 am, you probably arrive at your destination at 3 pm, causing you to lose many hours that you can invest in something else more profitable.

Travel in the night bus

There are various types of night buses, some of their seats are quite close to the other ones, but some night buses are very comfortable, their seats are all separated and you can be almost lying down as there is also a support feet.

Often, the air conditioning is too cold, so it is suggested that you bring something to cover yourself. In many buses you will receive a blanket for the trip, sometimes a cushion, but you may not always be so lucky.

The night bus usually takes a few intermediate stops to pick up other passengers, but only during the first and last hour of travel. Then at night you will not be awakened by loud noises or stops. Usually after about an hour from the departure there is a stop ( usually the only one of the whole trip ) in a service station where you can go to the toilette or buy some food and drinks.

Some tips

Just to be sure if you do not want to be disturbed during your sleep, it can be useful bring ear plugs and eye mask.

Remember also that normally you will find a toilette on the bus.

It is recommended that you bring comfortable clothing and also remember to wear good socks, to avoid bad impression when you take off your shoes to sleep.

Upon your arrival you can go in the bathroom of the station to change your clothes for your day.

Enjoy your trip!

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