Love Hotels: where to have sex and find any comfort in Tokyo


Love Hotels (also know as fashion hotels) are hotels that offer double rooms for short periods of time : you can find them usually near the stations or at certain strategic points in the most popular districts.

In a love hotel, the privacy is complete : there are several discreet entrances and at reception you can find the pictures of the rooms and their prices.

After pressing the button for the room you choose, you will receive the keys trough a small hole. Some other times you will get automatically a ticket that indicates the number of the room and the floor. It is never required proof of identity.


Each hotel has its own rules regarding the length of stay. Generally, however, there are essentially two ways : Rest and Stay.

With the “Rest”, you can stay in the room for several hours (3-4 hours, but even more depending on the hotel) and it is usually the option that is used during the day and costs about 6000Yen.

If you choose  “Stay”  means that you plan to stay all night and that costs between 9000-10000Yen up. The price is always displayed on the room.

The room rates can vary widely within a single hotel, as there are for istance economic and basic rooms or much more luxurious rooms .


Often there is another possibility, for the people who plans to use the room for a reduced amount of time (usually 30 minutes or 1 hour), that is used often during lunch breaks from the work or for those with limited time.

To pay, there are several ways that may vary : in some hotels you must pay in advance, while in others not, in some others you pay at the reception while in the most modern you can pay through an automatic system in each room, a sort of vending machine, where you can use cash or credit card.

The Love Hotel rooms are generally much more spacious than traditional hotel rooms in Japan. There is a bathtub, almost always a whirlpool (often in more places Jacuzzi), and you can control the lights in the room via a console that is located next to the bed, from which you can also check the temperature of the air conditioning.


It is always present a very large TV with both traditional and pornographic channels. In some rooms sometimes there are no windows and all rooms are soundproofed very well.

The services that are offered by various hotels are very different : in the room you can find a menu where you can read everything that is available.

Sometimes you can order a free welcome drink and some snacks or breakfast in the morning and there is always a varied menu from which you can order (with an additional fee) something more substantial such as a lunch or dinner, which is brought to your room.

You can also decide to rent some costumes, which Japanese often choose, because they find them very exciting. There are a lot of costumes available: Japanese schoolgirl, maid, Arab girl, anime characters, etc..


In every room there are always all the possible accessories that can be used for bathing and personal care (toothbrush, razor blade, various soaps, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc.), plus a kettle for tea and a beverages or erotic objects distributor.

Finally close to the console of the lights there are always condoms : in short, anything that you may find useful.

If you are in Tokyo, the most popular area to find Love Hotels is Kabuki-Cho, in the district of Shinjuku.

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