Kyoto: Ikebana Flower Arrangement at a Traditional House

In Kyoto, a city steeped in tradition, the Ikebana Flower Arrangement workshop at a traditional house offers a unique insight into Japanese culture. With only five participants per session, each person receives personalized guidance during the one-hour experience.

Led by Junko Sophie Kakizaki, a descendant of an ancient samurai family, this workshop promises to unveil the intricate art of floral design in a serene setting. The blend of tradition and creativity, along with the cultural significance of Ikebana, makes this workshop an opportunity not to be missed.

Good To Know

Kyoto: Ikebana Flower Arrangement at a Traditional House - Good To Know

  • Experience Ikebana in Kyoto with expert guidance
  • Create Ikebana masterpieces in a serene environment
  • Learn traditional techniques and cultural significance
  • Enjoy a personalized, small-group learning experience

Pricing and Duration

Kyoto: Ikebana Flower Arrangement at a Traditional House - Pricing and Duration

The Ikebana flower arrangement workshop in Kyoto lasts for one hour and is priced starting at £270.15 per person. For a cost comparison, this workshop offers a unique experience in traditional Japanese culture, with the guidance of an English and Japanese-speaking instructor, Junko Sophie Kakizaki. Despite the higher price point, participants have the opportunity to enjoy the art of Ikebana in a serene setting with a view of a Japanese garden.

In terms of time flexibility, the one-hour duration allows for a concise yet enriching experience, making it convenient for travelers with busy schedules. Participants can benefit from the focused nature of the workshop, ensuring they make the most of their time in Kyoto.

Instructor and Group Size

Kyoto: Ikebana Flower Arrangement at a Traditional House - Instructor and Group Size

Led by Junko Sophie Kakizaki, a descendant of an ancient samurai family, the Ikebana flower arrangement workshop in Kyoto accommodates a small group limited to 5 participants.

Junko Sophie Kakizaki brings her expertise in Ikebana, ensuring participants receive top-notch instruction. This intimate group size allows for personalized guidance, fostering a conducive learning environment where each participant can interact closely with the instructor.

The small group dynamic enhances the experience, enabling participants to engage with one another, share insights, and appreciate different perspectives on the art of Ikebana. Junko Sophie Kakizaki’s guidance and the limited group size contribute to a rich and immersive experience, where participants can delve deep into the world of traditional Japanese flower arrangement.

Cancellation Policy

Kyoto: Ikebana Flower Arrangement at a Traditional House - Cancellation Policy

When cancelling the Ikebana flower arrangement workshop in Kyoto, participants can receive a full refund if done up to 7 days in advance. The refund policy allows for a complete reimbursement if the cancellation is made within this timeframe.

To initiate the cancellation process, participants should contact the booking platform or organizer through the established communication channels. It’s essential to ensure that the cancellation is confirmed to avoid any misunderstandings.

Understanding the refund policy at the time of booking is crucial for participants in case unforeseen circumstances arise. By adhering to the specified timeframe for cancellations, participants can secure their eligibility for a full refund, providing a straightforward and transparent booking process.

Cultural Experience Highlights

Enjoy the serene art of Ikebana flower arrangement in Kyoto with a descendant of an ancient samurai family, guiding you through this traditional Japanese cultural experience. Discover the essence of Japanese heritage through:

  • Learning traditional techniques passed down through generations
  • Engaging in a hands-on experience to create your own Ikebana masterpiece
  • Experiencing culture in a peaceful and authentic setting
  • Gaining insights into the symbolism and significance behind each arrangement

Embrace the opportunity to explore the world of Ikebana, where every petal and stem holds a story waiting to be told. This workshop promises a unique and enriching encounter with Japan’s rich artistic traditions.

Workshop Inclusions

Kyoto: Ikebana Flower Arrangement at a Traditional House - Workshop Inclusions

Discover the comprehensive offerings included in the Ikebana flower arrangement workshop, providing participants with all necessary materials and guidance for an immersive cultural experience in Kyoto.

The workshop includes flower materials and rental equipment such as flower scissors, vases, and kenzan. Participants will receive step-by-step guidance in English or Japanese throughout the session. These inclusions ensure that each participant has everything they need to create their own beautiful Ikebana arrangement under the expert instruction of Junko Sophie Kakizaki.

The workshop guarantees a hands-on experience where participants can explore the art of Japanese flower arrangement while surrounded by the serene beauty of Gensou-an and its traditional Japanese garden view.

Participant Selection Process

The participant selection process involves a limited group size of up to 5 individuals for an intimate and focused experience in Ikebana flower arrangement.

  • Workshop Expectations: Participants can expect a hands-on experience guided by a skilled instructor.

  • Requirements: No prior experience is necessary; just a passion for learning about Ikebana.

  • Participant Engagement: Interaction and questions during the workshop are encouraged to enhance the learning experience.

  • Feedback: Participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback at the end of the session to share their thoughts and suggestions for improvement.

Important Guidelines

Kyoto: Ikebana Flower Arrangement at a Traditional House - Important Guidelines

Moving from the participant selection process, the guidelines for the Ikebana flower arrangement workshop emphasize adherence to specific regulations and rules during the session. Etiquette tips are crucial, reflecting the cultural significance of this traditional art form.

Participants are expected to follow techniques that highlight creative expression while respecting the history and customs associated with Ikebana. Understanding the symbolism behind each flower placement is essential to convey the intended message effectively.

On top of that, maintaining a respectful and focused attitude throughout the workshop is key to fully appreciating the art of Ikebana. By following these guidelines closely, participants can enjoy this intricate practice and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese traditional culture through the beauty of flower arrangement.

Location and Logistics

Kyoto: Ikebana Flower Arrangement at a Traditional House - Location and Logistics

  • Traditional House: The workshop takes place in a charming traditional house in Kyoto, providing an authentic setting for the Ikebana experience.

  • Ikebana Location: Participants will have the opportunity to engage in Ikebana flower arrangement while enjoying the serene ambiance of a Japanese garden view.

  • Accessibility: The location is easily accessible, ensuring a convenient experience for all participants.

  • Logistics: The workshop is conducted in a small group setting, limited to 5 participants, allowing for personalized guidance and attention during the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prior Experience in Flower Arrangement Required to Participate in This Workshop?

No, prior experience is not required for this workshop. Beginners are welcome as basic techniques are taught during the experience. Participants can enjoy learning Ikebana flower arrangement in a traditional setting guided by an expert.

Can Participants Take the Flower Arrangement They Create Home With Them?

Participants can take the flower arrangement they create home with them. This serves as a lovely cultural souvenir. DIY arrangements allow for personal touches, making it a cherished floral art piece. Flower preservation techniques can help extend the beauty of the creation.

Are There Any Specific Dress Code Requirements for the Workshop?

There are no specific dress code requirements for the workshop. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable attire. Traditional attire is not mandatory, but it can enhance the culture experience during the Ikebana flower arrangement session.

Will There Be Opportunities to Take Photos During the Workshop?

During the workshop, you will have opportunities to take photos to capture their creativity. Photography is allowed, providing a chance to document the unique experience. The workshop encourages a blend of artistic expression and traditional culture.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participants?

Age restrictions are not specified. No prior experience required. Participants will enjoy a one-hour Ikebana workshop led by Junko Sophie Kakizaki. Limited to 5 participants, the experience includes all materials and an English/Japanese instructor.

The Sum Up

Enjoy the art of Japanese flower arrangement with Junko Sophie Kakizaki in Kyoto.

This one-hour workshop at a traditional house offers a unique cultural experience, personalized guidance, and a memorable blend of tradition and creativity.

Limited to five participants, the session is priced at £270.15 per person.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the beauty of Ikebana in the heart of serene Kyoto.

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