Inokashira, the Park of Love in Tokyo


The Inokashira Park is the most popular place for a date in Tokyo.

The park is located in Kichijoji, a university district ranked as the best place to live in Tokyo.

Inokashira has a central lake and walking trails that run around. If you’re there with a girl, you must rent a rowboat, or the classic pedal made swan for a romantic ride on the lake. After all, this is an activity between the classical local couples.

Inokashira is also one of the best parks in Tokyo, because it has great sakura trees and it is a recommended place to celebrate the hanami.


The park is also known for its maple trees and their fantastic colors that light up during the fall.

In the park there is also a small temple dedicated to Benzaiten, the goddess of knowledge, music, arts and science.

In some events and holidays, the park is used to organize small concerts and comedy shows.

Many of you will be wondering where this park is located physically, and certainly now I tell you something that will give you a twist: the edge of the park is the Ghibli Museum!

The Ghibli Museum was built there because of the natural beauty of the Inokashira park. So the next trip, if you plan to visit the Ghibli, do not miss a ride in this beautiful park.

See a very useful map here below (click to enlarge) :


Enjoy your trip! 🙂

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