In Tokyo, a rain of sakura petals

As every year the sakura blooming has arrived, shown in their full glory and after a few days, at the top of their beauty, they began to lose their petals.

And it is the characteristic that fascinates the Japanese, the transience of beauty and life.

The sakura bloom reach their peak and then scatter in a short time : it may seem sad at first glance, but the sakura are a symbol of hope and rebirth.

In fact, despite everything, the following year they will flourish again, and the same will happen for years to come.

It is just part of Buddhist beliefs, the main religion of Japan together with the Shinto beliefs in reincarnation after death and then see the sakura fade, but the thought of knowing that next year it will flourish again as beautiful as ever, is seen as sign of hope and rebirth.

During these days the sakura begin to lose their petals and when the wind gets up a little but they also give wonderful performances.

A rain of pink and white petals make the landscape even more beautiful and charming.

 The petals that rest on the ground create a pink carpet that covers the streets, parks and rivers.

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