How to Travel to Japan on a Budget



A visit to Japan can be daunting financially if not planned well prior to the travel day.

However, there are many ways of saving your hard earned money if one has adequate and efficient information.

Read along and grab some ideas on how to travel to and around Japan on a budget.


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Direct flights to Japan are quite expensive. These costs, however, can be reduced if you look for coupons for airlines. These coupons help you save some travel cash by cutting off a percentage of the total cost. Cheapoair flight coupons for instance are an exemplary choice. Always book a ticket in advance to eliminate any chances of missing a flight on the travel day.

Accommodation expenses can be subsidized as well. Do your research early on low cost deals, probably two months or one month before you travel. It is easier to get cheap rooms in regular hotels; it all depends on how good you are on searching. Prices go down when hotel owners want to fill up empty rooms especially during off peak season.

In this period, you can book two or one week before; you might be lucky to be among those who pay less. If the hotel you reside offers expensive meals, look for a cheaper restaurant elsewhere. Hotels charge higher on weekends as compared to weekdays.

You can spend in a different hotel in the weekend if its price quotes are lower. Remember, as you browse through the internet for accommodation, use Japanese as well, you might get a wider range of choices.


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To cut on travel expenses, hire vehicles like dollar rent a car that carries you around Japan at very low price tags – oh and use a dollar rent a car promotioanl code too. Apart from cars, you can move by train.

Japan Railways offers tickets and passes at a discount. Go for local trains which offer cheaper deals as compared to bullet trains. As much as they are slow; they are more convenient for a visitor since you get to see Japan clearly. If you find traveling by car or train hectic, especially over long distances, you can opt for budget airlines in the country. Travel coupons emerge frequently; stay on the look and grab one.

The notion people have that food in Japan is expensive is not true. You only need to know when and where to purchase from. Department stores mostly located in large train stations are a good place to buy vegetables and fast foods. If your preference is non-junk food, you can get them in convenience stores along with fruits, snacks and beverages. Similarly, supermarkets are all over Japan; they are cheaper than convenience stores.

Buying fruits and vegetables from farmers markets is not only economical, but you also get a variety of fresh greens to choose from. In most instances, dinner is more expensive than lunch. To curb on your food expenses, eat more lunch and pay less for dinner. Some restaurants, however, have expensive lunch menus thus the idea might not apply.

Generally, a trip to Japan is not very expensive as most would perceive. Take advantage of the internet and look for coupons websites for cheap deals. So, remember to grab your Aviator glasses and with the tips above, your stay in Japan will be enjoyable and economical.

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