How to get Electronic Travel Authorization to visit Canada

There are some documents that we should have any time we plan for a business trip or a vacation. They include the visa and the passport. These documents are essential when booking our accommodation as well as our flights. But when it comes to visiting Canada, there is an additional document that you must have called the Electronic Travel Authorization Canada (eTA). It’s a document that permits you to travel in Canada freely. Either inside the country or by plane.

How to Apply for ETA

ETA application must be done online, unlike the old days when the application was done manually. Note that you’ll need this ETA and your passport to get in and enjoy your stay in Canada. So ensure you have it before the date of departure. If you are travelling with your entire family, remember to make an application for all the members, including the kids. The ETA application form is available online, meaning you can easily access it using your smartphone or your desktop. All you need is to fill in the form correctly and submit for verification.

Details required when applying.

Some of the details you’ll require for a successful application include.

  • the passport number
  • your birth date.
  • the city of birth
  • dates of the issue as well as expiry of the passport.
  • the country that issued the passport.
  • your nationality as indicated on the passport.
  • your names as they appear in your passport.

You’ll also be required to fill other personal information such as employment information, unique client identifier, marital status and contact information, among other travel information. Once you complete filling the form, double-check to see whether you filled correctly, then submit for approval. Most of the applications are approved a few minutes after applying. But it’s advisable to submit your application form much earlier before the date of departure. Normally, you should receive the status of your ETA application within 72 hours following your request. Also, you can check the status of your request using your passport details, and the application number by clicking a special feature on their website reserved for this purpose. This Electronic Travel Authorization is usable for a period of five years from the day of issue.

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