Ginza is named after the silver-coin mint established there in 1612 during the Edo period : today, it is one of the major downtown areas of Tokyo.

From major department stores to specialty stores, various types can be found in Ginza.

Even counting only the department stores, a wide variety of them are gathered here from the long-established ones such as Wako, Matsuzakaya, Matsuya, and Mitsukoshi to the modern commercial complexes including Printemps Ginza, Marronnier Gate, and Itocia.


Additionally, there are many overseas luxury brand stores like Gucci and Hermes.

This part of the city indeed is a place where the latest trends are born. At the same time however, there also are quite a few cultural facilities such as the Kabuki Theater (more than 50 years old) and Tokyo Takarazuka Theater.

 Therefore, Ginza continues to uphold traditions while simultaneously creating new trends.

As for its other features, there are many movie theaters and galleries as well as the Shinbashi Enbujo (theater).

Furthermore, a variety of restaurants serving cuisine from respective countries of the world can also be found. Indeed, Ginza is also contributing to the development of cultures including the food culture.

Its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the high quality of the products have turned into symbols of adoration for many people.

It is certainly an area with many features where stores in the forefront of the era and historic constructions create a wonderful harmony.

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