Big in Japan: How to travel and learn in the Land of the Rising Sun

There’s an undeniable mystique surrounding Japan. 

It’s a place where ancient traditions are effortlessly intermixed with modernity—from the electric thrall of Tokyo to the sacred city of Kyoto, this East Asian island country has everything even the most weary traveller could want.  

But say what you really want is to travel Japan AND learn … what then?  

For many travellers, especially those on a gap year, experiencing the various towns, cities and countries is education enough. However, if you’re serious about broadening your horizons AND bolstering your CV, it’s a distance learning qualification you’ll need.  

Gain a university qualification (even if you’re on the road)

The internet has changed our lives forever—and nowhere is this more evident than with distance learning. 

Gone are the days when hanging around for the postal worker to deliver the latest course materials was the norm. Instead, you can now access all the materials you need with an internet connection and the click of a couple of buttons.  

This and a willingness to combine travelling Japan with university.  

Wealth of online resources

Thanks to the web, students from around the globe now have unprecedented access to a wealth of resources, allowing them to fit their studies around work or family commitments—and you can join them.  

Crucially, my intrepid traveller, distance learning does not mean isolation. 

For those following an online degree pathway from suppliers such as Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning, it’s possible to communicate with tutors and other students as often (or not) as you want and learners are typically part of a thriving online community. 

Importantly for globetrotters, the flexibility of distance learning allows you to augment your existing qualifications while travelling the world. 

Enhancing your self-development

In addition, enrolling in an online degree demonstrates to future employers that you’re committed to self-development and have ambitions beyond your current no-fixed-abode status. This is the kind of potential employers appreciate in employees. 

Indeed, thousands of businesses around the globe place great emphasis on the education of their staff, with many encouraging workers to enrol in online courses to enhance their career prospects. 

Focus on the elements you need to succeed

Essentially, the course you or your employer chooses must focus on all of the elements that you need to succeed in your chosen career. For example, you can take distance learning programmes in undergraduate and postgraduate areas such as:  

  • Management 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Early childhood studies 
  • Healthcare management 

Most online programmes are designed to reflect the reality of modern business practices and recreate real life situations that employees would expect to face in the workplace. 

Of course, the upshot of enhancing your qualifications through distance learning means, as an employee, your performance is improved, adding value to your organisation and shaping your own path to a successful career.  

Now it’s over to you …  

Have you ever combined travel with education? Perhaps you’ve enrolled in an online course of your own? Please let us know in the comments sectionour readers would love to learn more about your experiences.  

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