Autumn 2013 in Tokyo



The autumn is arrived also in Japan and Tokyo, while the leaves are already changing color, creating breathtaking panoramas.

This season is considered by many the second best season in which to visit and see Japan, after the blooming period of sakura.

The Japanese are very attached to the cherry blossoms, not only for pure aesthetic sense, but just because the cherry blossom perfectly represents the transience of human life.


In addition to a pure aesthetic taste, many travelers believe that the fall season is by far the best place to visit Japan, also because this season represents well the life of a human being, perhaps even more than sakura.

Take for example the leaves of maples, called momiji in Japanese, which grow and remain attached to their branch as long as they can, as long as maybe some of the strongest event like a storm or a typhoon will force them to fall.

But the leaves that are resistant to these elements will reach the end of their cycle with the first cold of autumn, gradually changing their color, from green to bright red, until they fall to create a carpet of colorful leaves of dark red and brown.

This is the passage that best represents the life of a human being, with his passing of time and aging, or with the misfortune to cut his own existence by events too strong for him.


An advantage of no small importance, especially for the stranger who must plan a trip months in advance, is the tranquility of not lose the autumn colors during the travel, because their life provides ample margin for error (rather than center the right time of the sakura blooming).

You’ll have at least three weeks (generally the best for the central areas like Tokyo and Kyoto are the last two weeks of November), while the cherry blossom is always a lottery.

It’s indisputable, however, that both periods should be seen absolutely, because the Japanese landscapes are at their best during these seasons.

To make you understand the aesthetic difference of the two seasons, in this article you may see a few pictures of the most famous spots to admire this amazing panorama.

Before leaving for your trip, always check what are the hot spots for that period.

Here is a selection of images and up to you decide what is the best time.




Photo credit Night Autumn at Rikugien Garden-Tokyo

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