Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour

Embark on an immersive journey into the depths of the Amami Black Current with the private kayak tour.

Discover the hidden wonders of the ocean as you glide through crystal-clear waters surrounded by breathtaking marine life.

This tour offers a unique blend of adventure and relaxation, making it an ideal escape for those seeking a truly unforgettable experience.

Good To Know

Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour - Good To Know

  • Explore the unique Kuroshio Black Current by sea kayaking and snorkeling
  • Enjoy a private group experience led by a top-ranked kayaker
  • Immerse in Amami Oshima’s culture and beauty during the tour
  • Benefit from free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance for flexibility

Tour Details

Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour - Tour Details

The Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour offers an unforgettable experience exploring the Kuroshio Black Current through sea kayaking, snorkeling, and immersing in the warm seawater.

Safety precautions are a top priority on this tour, with all participants required to wear life jackets and be briefed on safety procedures before embarking on the adventure. Plus, the tour provides insurance coverage for all participants.

When it comes to cuisine, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious local dishes during the lunch break on a secluded beach. This allows for a unique culinary experience, immersing visitors not only in the natural beauty of the Kuroshio Current but also in the flavors of Amami Oshima.

Tour Highlights

Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour - Tour Highlights

Set out on a guided adventure led by the world’s 3rd ranked kayaker to discover the unique experience of the Kuroshio current. This ocean adventure promises an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and culture.

Here are the tour highlights:

  1. Experience Ranking: Benefit from the expertise of the 3rd ranked kayaker in the world.
  2. Ocean Adventure: Enjoy the powerful currents of the Kuroshio while kayaking.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Discover the rich culture of Amami Oshima as you explore.
  4. Expert Guidance: Learn from a seasoned professional who’ll enhance your experience with in-depth knowledge and safety.


Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour - Itinerary

Embarking on this private kayak tour, you will follow a carefully crafted itinerary that ensures a day filled with exploration and adventure.

The day begins with a hotel pick-up at 8:00, followed by arriving at the site to meet the sea kayaking instructor at 9:30. By 10:00, guests will row out to sea and land on a secluded beach for beach exploration.

After lunch at 12:00, there’s time for swimming, snorkeling, or relaxation until 13:45 when the tour moves to a small island for more snorkeling adventures. Returning to the beach around 14:30, you will have time to clean up before the tour ends at 17:00.

This itinerary promises a perfect blend of beach fun and underwater exploration.

What to Bring

Pack essential items like a snack, sunscreen, and motion sickness medicine for your upcoming Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, consider the following beach essentials and snorkeling tips:

  1. Snorkeling Tips:

    • Bring your own snorkeling gear for comfort and hygiene.
    • Apply defogging solution to your mask before entering the water.
  2. Beach Essentials:

    • Pack a beach towel for drying off after water activities.
    • Wear water shoes to protect your feet from rocks and sharp objects.

Remember to pack these items along with the recommended gear to make the most of your adventure on the Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour.


The tour package includes insurance coverage for participants’ safety, rental fees, consumption tax, convenient transportation, a delicious lunch, a secure life jacket, a reliable kayak, a sturdy paddle, comfortable boots, protective rainwear, a waterproof bag, stylish sunglasses, a functional hat, and a refreshing drink. The insurance ensures peace of mind throughout the excursion, while the lunch options cater to various dietary preferences.

Included Items
Insurance Life Jacket
Rental Fees Kayak
Consumption Tax Paddle
Transportation Boots
Lunch Rainwear
Waterproof Bag Sunglasses
Hat Drink


Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour - Restrictions

Visitors on the Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour must meet certain eligibility criteria to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. When considering joining this tour, participants should be aware of the following restrictions:

  1. Age restrictions:

    • Not suitable for children under 2 years
    • Not suitable for babies under 1 year
    • Not suitable for people over 95 years
  2. Weight limits:

    • Not suitable for people over 243 lbs (110 kg)

These restrictions are in place to guarantee the safety and well-being of all participants throughout the tour. It’s essential to meet these criteria to partake in the Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour fully.

Important Information

Are there specific guidelines visitors must follow for the Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour?

The tour offers a free cancellation policy up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. It’s crucial to adhere to the safety guidelines provided by the tour operator to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

Plus, participants should contact the tour operator promptly in case of any transportation delays or illness to make necessary arrangements.

Familiarizing oneself with the cancellation policy and safety guidelines beforehand will help visitors have a smooth and worry-free experience during the Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour.


To navigate to the starting point of the Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour, participants should follow the detailed directions provided by the tour operator. Here are some essential safety precautions and tips to keep in mind during the tour:

  1. Check the weather conditions before heading out on the kayak tour.
  2. Wear a life jacket at all times during the kayaking experience.
  3. Stay together with the group and follow the instructions given by the tour guide.
  4. Be aware of the local wildlife in the area, such as sea turtles and various fish species, and maintain a respectful distance to ensure your safety and the animals’ well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Previous Kayaking Experience Required to Participate in This Tour?

Safety precautions are in place for beginners. Tour guides lead kayak routes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. No previous kayaking experience is necessary to participate in this tour.

Are There Any Opportunities to See Marine Wildlife During the Tour?

During the tour, participants can expect to have opportunities for marine wildlife sightings and nature photography. The experience offers a chance to observe and capture the beauty of sea creatures in their natural habitat.

Can Participants Bring Their Own Snorkeling Gear or Is It Provided?

Participants have gear options for snorkeling. Rental availability ensures convenience for those who prefer not to bring their own equipment. This allows participants to enjoy the tour without worrying about snorkeling gear logistics.

Are There Any Restroom Facilities Available During the Tour?

Restroom availability during the tour ensures comfort breaks are accessible. Participants can take necessary breaks for convenience. It’s important to have facilities for a seamless experience, catering to the comfort and needs of all attendees.

Is There a Minimum or Maximum Age Requirement for Participants on This Tour?

For the Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour, participants must meet the specified age requirements. There is a minimum age requirement for safety reasons, and a maximum age limit to ensure the tour can be enjoyed comfortably by all.

The Sum Up

Don’t miss out on the Amami Black Current Private Kayak Tour for an exclusive and unforgettable experience exploring the Kuroshio Black Current.

With top-ranked guides, stunning landscapes, and personalized attention, this 2-day adventure promises excitement and education.

From sea kayaking to snorkeling, every moment is curated for your enjoyment.

Book your spot now for a one-of-a-kind journey through Japan’s captivating marine environment.

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