5 Fair Dinkum Tips For Aussies Flying To Japan



If you reside Down Under and are considering taking a vacation in Japan, you’re in good company. 

According to the JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organisation), 2018 was a record year for Australians visiting the Land of the Rising Sun – 552,400 took the trip, a figure that’s 11.6 per cent higher than the previous year. 

And furthermore, JNTO stats confirm that Australians were Japan’s biggest spending visitors in 2018, parting with an average of AUD 3075 per visit. 

So if seeing Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district or Mount Fuji firsthand floats your boat, we’ve trawled the web to collate some brief but brilliant advice that might make your sojourn smoother. 

With that in mind, here are five fair dinkum tips for Aussies flying to Japan. 

1. Flights

The carriers Japan Airlines, ANA and Quantas all fly direct from Sydney to Tokyo daily and the journey takes around 9 hours, which doesn’t seem too long when you consider that you’re launching yourself into a completely different cultural dimension.  

And you can also grab indirect flights from other Aussie cities to destinations like Osaka and Sapporo – you’ll find cheap Australia to Japan flights on Skyscanner and save vital spending cash. 


2. Accommodation

There’s every type of accommodation in Japan – from rustic mountaintop retreats to modern hotels staffed by robots. 

But by booking an apartment on Airbnb, you’ll immerse yourself more deeply in the culture by residing in an authentic home in a real-life residential district of your chosen town or city. 

3. Airport parking

Wherever you’re flying from in Aus, getting there via public transport can make you feel like you’ve been shoved inside a roo’s pouch and emerged sweaty and startled. 

Cruising there in your own ride is a much more chilled option and you can listen to your holiday mixtape on the way – book airport parking at Looking4.com for Mackay, Melbourne and every other major and minor Aussie airport and take off feeling relaxed. 

4. Travel guides

Whether you prefer reading on a screen or immersing yourself in a paper book, taking tips from a reputable travel guide on Japan is always a smart move. 

And Lonely Planet is one of the best sources available. You’ll find tips on Japanese culture and attractions on their website or from guides in your local bookshop – but either way, you’ll unlock more from your experience than you previously imagined possible. 

5. Google Translator

Although you might learn a few useful Japanese phrases before you depart, trying to decode the street signs when you arrive is a different matter entirely. 

However, download the Google Translate app for Android or iOS and its amazing Word Lens features translates whatever message is in front of you almost instantly, meaning there’s much less chance of getting lost.  

Follow our five fair dinkum tips for Aussies flying to Japan and you’re sure to have a cracking holiday that’s chocka with eastern promise.  

That’s our list! Share your own Australia to Japan travel tips in the comments section. 

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