4 Reasons Tokyo Is The Ideal Vacation Destination



When Tokyo won the Olympic 2020 bid, it suddenly became an interesting place to think about heading to for a vacation. Many people decided to try it out, and those people were impressed; after all, Tokyo is an impressive place. It’s actually a wonderful place to go on vacation because it is so interesting and diverse. Here are some more reasons that Tokyo is such a great place to visit.  

The Railway System


When you’re visiting Tokyo, you’ll find it’s super easy to get around. That’s thanks to the immaculate and efficient railway system in place. There are 13 different subway lines and over 100 surface routes to use, and they are run by private companies as well as Japan Railways itself. Just take a look at a map and you’ll see that no matter where you are in the city, you can reach anywhere you want to go by using the railway system. The prices are fair and the service is excellent, so you can explore as much as you like.

The Food

The food in Japan is some kind of masterpiece, and there are stores and restaurants on every street with their wares displayed proudly in the windows for all to see. As well as this, you will find a plethora of street markets and food stalls vying for your attention. Japanese food is so delicious, and you might even be able to snag some free samples as you browse. If you’ve never had Japanese cuisine before, you can check out some recipes online before you travel and maybe even attempt to make some yourself so you know what to expect.


There are over 160,000 restaurants and cafes in Tokyo, and many Michelin-starred establishments too, so finding somewhere excellent to eat when you want a traditional Japanese meal (or even a more westernized one if you prefer) is an easy thing to go; deciding exactly which restaurant to eat in is the hard part.

The Architecture

If you love modern architecture you’ll love Tokyo – it’s full of skyscrapers and impressive buildings that will take your breath away. For example, you shouldn’t (and couldn’t) miss the Tokyo Skytree tower, which is the tallest tower in the world at 634 meters. Inside there are observation decks, restaurants, stores, and incredible views (on a clear day you might even be able to glimpse Guangzhou).


The Personal Service

Because visitors and tourists have so many options when it comes to things to do, places to eat, and places to stay, when you do choose one the staff there are going to want to thank you for picking their particular place of work rather than someone else’s. That means they are going to be extremely attentive and you can have some wonderful personal service. If that’s not your thing and you prefer to be left alone rather than pampered, don’t worry. You can just ask them to give you some space. Be polite though, as you don’t want to offend anyone who’s only doing their job.

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